Why Coaching?

COACHING I have encountered numerous management challenges along the way and met many capable colleagues who are confused by what it means to be a manager or a leader.

So often people are not prepared for the demands of management. As an athlete needs coaching and training to achieve their goals, so do we in the workplace.

Have you ever asked yourself the question:
  • Am I a leader or a manager?
  • Am I a good communicator?
  • Do I get the best out of the people I work with?
  • What can I do to improve my team's output?
  • How do I become a better manager?
  • What values are important to me?
  • How do I make the most of my skills?

Working with a coach can help you find answers to these questions.

If you are interested in learning more about this process, please get in touch with me:

Email: jon@atlas-events.com

Mobile: 07595 892 061

LinkedIn: Jon Hazan

How coaching brings out the best in people

  • Be guided by a coach to find solutions to challenges in the workplace. Create personal signposts to navigate these challenges
  • Improve performance by changing behaviour or removing blockages
  • Work with a coach to find what works for individuals and teams; personality, strengths, weaknesses, values and priorities
  • How do people fit in the business? What can be done to improve their productivity and happiness?
  • Spend time focusing on strengths, not just challenges, in order to build confidence
  • Take time to reflect and learn from actions, leading to greater knowledge and understanding
  • Change is endless and ongoing. Learn, develop, adapt and apply

How could I use coaching in my business?

  • A bespoke solution to suit your team and your businessCONSULTING COACHING TRAINING
  • A coaching programme for managers at all levels
  • Group / Team development facilitation session
  • Outdoor coaching – 'walking to clear the mind'. Organised routes for groups
  • Management training – preparing junior managers

My background

I am fortunate to have worked in several different management environments over the past 25 years. Working for various organisations large and small, alongside different groups of people of varying levels of seniority and experience.

As an Army Officer I received a year of intensive leadership training only to find that the reality could be very different to the theory.

In the events industry there were more lessons to be learnt as I designed and delivered Team Development programmes around the world for the corporate market, marrying the concepts I had met in the military with the demands of management in the private sector.

I have been exposed to many different styles of management and operational challenges. This has given me a strong understanding of people’s motivations and engendered a desire to help others in business to find fulfilment, balance and what process works best for them.

This inspired me to become an accredited coach by achieving a Practitioner Diploma in Executive coaching from the Academy of Executive Coaching.

Academy of Executive Coaching


  • "Jon was a brilliant coach. I always felt like I had his undivided attention and felt like he was really listening.
    I also felt like he genuinely cared about my wellbeing and helping me find the right solutions.
    He never pushed me down any specific direction and always ensured I was the one that was providing the answers and solutions."
    - Cara, London
  • "Jon made me feel completely at ease throughout the process and was a total professional.
    Trust and confidentiality were established from the off, which led to open conversations.
    This has genuinely resulted in a positive change at work, so a huge thank you from me."
    - Caitlin, London

Get in touch

Email: jon@atlas-events.com

Mobile: 07595 892 061

LinkedIn: Jon Hazan

The power of positive coaching - restarting your heart, through your head

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